The Story Behind


It’s 2019.
All of your communications are under surveillance.

In the digital world, all of our social interactions, private data, and personal files are saved and stored on centralized databases.

These systems are built into the very fabric of our technological infrastructure. They are part and parcel of using some of our favorite services.

...and sometimes, these services get hacked. Private information that was meant for a select few is now out in the wild. And there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

But does it have to be that way?

Mainframeseeked to change that.
Mainframe Logo

The Raise

What started as the brainchild of Mick Hagen would grow into a close collaboration with Cluster that would help propel Mainframe into the spotlight. With funds and angels backing the project such as 1kx, Gavin Wood, and Kevin Rose, competition for allocations was fierce. Despite the star power of names involved, Mainframe chose Cluster as their primary backer and largest investor.

Cluster contributed a total of
3 Million USD during presale

The Push

When Mainframe came to us, we knew that success would mean building an engaged community.

Mainframe had all of the industry support and the proper connections, but what they needed was a bottom-up approach towards their marketing.

Cluster set their sights on this specific goal - through our combined experience and innovative methods, we achieved milestones that no other project to date has managed.

While other projects have decently sized Telegrams, we pushed it to the limit with Mainframe, taking their Telegram community to one hundred thousand members - the maximum capacity of a channel.

What came next was guerilla marketing. We set our sights around the globe and together with Mainframe designed the world’s first physical airdrops. We toured with Mainframe around the world in countries like Japan and Germany.

Finally, we connected Mainframe with influencers, vloggers, and personalities to take the hype to the next level.

The Post-ICO

With Cluster’s help, Mainframe would secure a tier 1 listing on Binance.

Additional support would come from a Cluster member to provide more marketing efforts post ICO.

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