Strategic Capital.

How do you go from a simple concept to a fully fledged product? How can you build out a team of increasingly rare professionals in a competitive industry? How do you connect with the right networks to build credibility and get the word out? For tech startups, the challenge lies not with raising capital, but how to best utilize it.

In the technological era, money is no longer the scarce resource - value is.

Over 100 Million USD Raised
More than 150 crypto experts with diverse skillsets
Over 50 blockchain projects funded

From Seed to Launch

Cluster Capital provides the necessary funding and resources for teams to carry out their vision. We offer full, instant liquidity, whether it is on a relaxed schedule or a tight deadline. For the right project, we can even offer same-day funding.

We specialize in token economies and are well versed with SAFT’s and SAFE’s, as well as investing through SPV’s. We support any method of funding, whether that is in USD, cryptocurrency, or other assets.


Members of the ICOBuyer community band together and form Private Presale Community (PPC).


PPC reaches 100 members.


PPC invests 6 Million USD in Zilliqa.


PPC invests 2.5 Million USD in Mithril.


PPC invests 3 Million USD in Mainframe.


PPC hosts a meetup in NYC and buys out ad space in Time’s Square.


PPC officially rebrands to Cluster Capital.