World Class Advisory

As investors, our first priority lies with increasing the value of our portfolio projects. We do this through a combination of our hands-on approach and giving our clients a strong overall direction. For those relatively new to the crypto space, it can be daunting to review the hundreds of potential competitors and moreover seek out which are the ones that truly pose a rivalry.

At Cluster, we have the tools at our disposal to give you the upper hand through our consultations and no-nonsense execution.

Shaping Token Economies

We get it - token distributions are hard. Often they are the most difficult aspect to manage when it comes to decentralized projects.

We’ve seen projects clumsily put together a token distribution that is wrongly timed, or with incorrect incentives in place - trust our team of professionals to properly guide this delicate process and get rid of the headache.


How Cluster helped shape the future of one of blockchain’s most promising startups

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Make It Rain

Cluster has connections with leading exchanges such as Binance and FTX, propelling your project to market and giving it the exposure it needs.

We provide warm introductions with our colleagues and other top funds in the space. If you have a specific VC or company you’d like an audience with, Cluster can make it happen.

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