Connected Capital.

Cluster Capital is a global network of crypto investors, media influencers, and entrepreneurs. We find, use, and invest in new tech first.

Our insight, hustle, and network help the best companies win.

The Cluster Advantage

Competition is becoming ever-more global. Your project can no longer afford to miss out on highly lucrative and influential eastern and western markets.

From Los Angeles to Shanghai, we supercharge your network with the leading names in blockchain - elevating your brand and putting you on the world stage.

At Cluster, Success Is Standard.

Cluster Capital’s expertise is invaluable both Pre and Post TGE.
Some of the ways we can help your project include:

Project Marketing
Seed Raises and Follow-on Rounds
Access to Leading Funds
Technical Consulting
Access to Blockchain Developers
Market Making
General Advisory
Access to Service Providers

Cluster has been flexible, helpful, and insightful. Their ability to deliver is second to none, and their execution continue to impress. I can't recommend their services enough - for us, Cluster has made all the difference.

— Pete Abila, ThunderCore CMO

With Cluster’s proven track record of success and boots-on-the-ground attitude, our clients continue to thrive in a hyper-competitive industry. Whether it’s a popular app, blockchain infrastructure, or decentralized service, chances are good that Cluster helped realize that vision.

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